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Check out our latest collection of videos. Watch the world's lightest airpump in action.

Our Videos

Introducing the iPump Twist

Introducing the iPump Twist. ​

Introducing the iPump Mini

Listen to find out the motivations behind the iPump

So easy to pump

Look how easy it is to pump with an iPump Twist.​

iPump Stress Test

What happens when you drop an iPump off a 4 story building?

Our Pumps

iPump Micro

The world's lightest air pump at 21 grams.

Get's you to 80 PSI​

Best for bicycle couriers, street cyclists, mountain bikers, commuters, casual riders who don't want to carry a lot of weight. 

iPump Twist

New twisting head, allows you to pump to high pressures. Only 26 Grams!

Get's you to 120 PSI​

Best for weekend warriors, hard core cyclists,  commuters, bike couriers who depend on high pressure low resistance tires.


iPump Pouch

iPump Pouch

Want to protect your iPump from the elements? Get this custom made pouch.

Available in 3 different colors.

Schrader to Presta Adapter

For those iPumpers that use Schrader type valves on their bicycle tires. Screws on easily and stays attached to your iPump.

Only 1 Gram!

Kenn Jordan, UK

​I LOVE IT! It feels impossibly light but it works like a dream.

iPump - the world's lightest bicycle air pump

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