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The World’s Lightest Bike Pump

lightest bicycle air pump

The iPump is the ideal bicycle air pump for road racers, bike couriers, commuters, street cyclists and mountain bikers.

iPump Micro: 21 grams, Twist: 25 grams, Floor: 35 grams

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Our Lineup

iPump Micro

iPump Micro, 21g, up to 80 PSI

21 grams, up to 80 PSI

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iPump Twist

iPump Twist, 25g, up to 120 PSI

25 grams, up to 120 PSI

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iPump Floor

iPump Floor, 35g, up to 150 PSI

35 grams, up to 150 PSI

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Why iPump?

The iPump is the lightest and most compact bicycle air pump on the market today. Making no compromises, it uses the latest technologies and hi-tech materials to achieve superior performance. So small, it will fit in your shirt pocket or seat post. So light, you’ll forget that it’s there. And when you need it, you can quickly fill up your tire, and get back on the road, and enjoy life.

iPump vs. the Competition

iPump Micro

  • Weight: 21 grams
  • Size: 138 mm
  • Flexible Hose

Topeak Micro Rocket CB
  • Weight: 55 grams
  • Size: 160 mm
  • Fixed Hose

Max DNA Cyclone
  • Weight: 53 grams
  • Length: 127 mm
  • Fixed Hose 

Lezyne Road Drive
  • Weight: 114 grams
  • Length: 239 mm
  • Flexible Hose

The iPump is the lightest most compact bicycle air pump ever made. The carbon frame, flexible micro-light tube, and high-pressure valve give it an unfair advantage over the competition.

Precision Engineering

Carbon Frame

iPump Carbon Airpump

Carbon is the lightest, most rigid material on the market today. The iPump engineers have mastered this tricky material. The result is a bike pump that is 1/3 the weight of a typical “micro pump”, yet can withstand any kind of abuse.

High Performance Hose

Super-lightweight flexible hose is indestructable

Don’t be fooled by that tiny yellow hose. It’s made of high performance urethane. Although it’s quite flexible, it’s able to withstand high atmospheric pressures of a compression stroke. Try to pull it apart. 

High Pressure Air Valve

Freely rotating nozzle gives a perfect fit toy your bicycle tire

Remember how easy it is to rip your tube when using a fixed head bicycle air pump? Those day’s are over. You can easily attach iPump’s freely rotating nozzle to the step to achieve an airtight fit, that won’t come off when you pump. No more broken valves.



The iPump engineers have designed everything to remove weight from the product without compromising performance. From the all carbon tube and piston, to the industrial strength urethane hose.

High Performance

Don’t let the small package and light weight fool you. This baby packs a lot of power. It can easily handle up to  80 PSI (120 PSI for the Twist) and beyond. The only limitation is how much you can pump.

Sturdy, Rugged

Many bicycle accessories are too rigid, and can break easily on impact. Not the iPump. Our high tech composite materials are made to withstand impacts. And will function reliably for years in any condition.

iPump TWIST (25 grams)

iPump TwistiPump Twist in ActioniPump Twist Ready to Go

New twisting head bicycle air pump, allows you to pump to high pressures. Only 25 grams!

Can easily fit in your pocket, pouch or in the seat post of your bike.​

Get’s you up to 120 PSI​ (Max 150 PSI)

Flexible high pressure poly-urethane hose. So you wont pull your valve off​ while pumping.

Best for hard core cyclists, weekend warriors, commuters, bike couriers who depend on high pressure low resistance tires.

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iPump Floor (35 grams)

iPump FlooriPump Floor in Action

Reaches higher pressures with less effort!

iPump Floor is the lightest floor air pump ever invented. It is constructed of a carbon fiber housing providing the greatest possible air chamber capacity while minimizing weight and maximizing strength.

It includes a high-pressure polyurethane hose and a novel one touch clamp device for allowing quick attachment and release of the hose to and from the iPump.

The polyurethane hose can be easily stored inside the iPump’s carbon fiber tubing for convenience.

The pump includes an anti-slip rubber cap at the bottom of the iPump to prevent accidental sliding while pumping.

It also includes a twist handle specifically crafted to perfectly and ergonomically fit in your hand for maximizing pumping performance.

It can be stored inside the bicycle frame by using a special spring designed for this purpose.

The iPump Floor allows you to reach 150 PSI or more.

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iPump Micro (21 grams)

iPump Micro in actioniPump Micro

The world’s lightest bicycle air pump at 21 grams!

Can easily fit in your pocket, pouch, or in the seat post of your bike.​ You’ll forget it’s there.

​Get’s you to 80 PSI​.   (Max 150 PSI)

Flexible high pressure poly-urethane hose. So you wont pull your valve off​ while pumping.

Best for street cyclists, mountain bikers, commuters, casual riders who don’t want to carry a lot of weight, and want to quickly “top it off”.​

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Bike Pumps & Accessories

iPump Micro

The world’s lightest bike pump at only 21 grams.

Get’s you to 80 PSI​.

For bicycle couriers, street cyclists, mountain bikers, commuters, casual riders who don’t want to carry a lot of weight. 

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iPump Twist

New twisting head, allows you to pump to high pressures. Only 25 grams!

Get’s you to 120 PSI​.

For weekend warriors, hard core cyclists,  commuters, bike couriers who depend on high pressure low resistance tires.

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iPump Floor

More PSI coming in at a measly 35 grams, still lighter than the competition.

Get’s you to 160 PSI​.

For cyclists who need that extra little PSI from their pump in the lightest possible container.

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iPump Pouch

Want to protect your iPump from the elements? We’ve created a fantastic, custom pouch just for the iPump.

Available in 3 different colors.

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Schrader to Presta Adapter

For those iPumpers that use Schrader type valves on their bicycle tires. Screws on easily and stays attached to your iPump. 

Weighs just 1 gram.

Order NowiPump Bicycle Clamp

iPump Clamp

The perfect product for when you need an easy way to attach your iPump to you ride without adding a lot of weight.

Comes with a velcro strap.

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What Others Are Saying

I was hesitant to spend this kind of coin on a minipump. But, after having to actually USE some of the other ultra-small road bike minipumps over the years with minimal success, finally gave in and ordered one. The pump is tiny and really is 25g with the 90-degree handle. It has a threaded chuck to attach to a presta stem and a small hose so you don’t risk breaking off the valve stem when you try to get those last 10psi into the tube. There is no cheating physics, with a volume this small, it will take some time to get up to a reasonable pressure, but I was able to get to ~90 psi with a few minutes of pumping.Anyway, you can tell some serious thought went into designing this little pump and it is built of quality materials. So, yes, you get what you pay for.

Amazon.comReview ★★★★★

Dear Morris, the pump arrived! It looks and feels awesome! I do have a mini-saddlebag (of course the lightest on the market), and it just fits in perfectly. Cheers and best regards.

Heinz GermanyGeneric

​Excellent product and engineered beautifully! Finished really well too. Light and compact and does its job brilliantly!

Anton Rodman MelbourneGeneric

​I’m a fan of no compromise solutions – iPump is in general one of them. The Twist Version is so compact, seamlessly light and also powerful enough that it has no competition.

David Klassen Germany

Proudly Used By

Racers & Weekend Warriors

Bicycle Road races like iPump since it is so light

Whether you need that competitive edge, or just want to impress your friends with cool technology, the iPump has your back. The iPump Twist can quickly get you to 120 PSI, and get you back cycling with the peloton.

Bike Couriers & Street Cyclists

Bicycle couriers use iPump to keep their tires full

When parking your bike in the big city, you can’t just leave your pump out in the open where any one can take it. The iPump is so light & small, you can carry it in your pocket or seat post, making it the perfect companion.

Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers use the iPump to stay light

When climbing that mountain pass on your MTB, the last thing you want weighing you down is a heavy bike pump. We make the lightest most compact bicycle air pump in the industry. Tuck it in your pocket and go have fun!

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